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Welcome to the official website for Patricia Kokinos and her award-winning novel Angel Park--a story that reveals the complexity of “school reform” and the deep aspects of human nature that keep us bound to “tradition.”  To change the schools, we must change our minds; by changing our minds, we can change the world.  Join us in promoting a new vision for schools by “liking” Change The Schools on Facebook and sharing our fresh perspective with your friends.

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Read Patti’s blog, “Exploding the Paradigm


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
--R. Buckminster Fuller, Critical Path


“America is not like a blanket--one piece of unbroken cloth.  America is more like a quilt--many patches, many pieces, many colors, many sizes, all woven together by a common thread.”
--Rev. Jesse L. Jackson


The American dream is not over.  America is an adventure.”
--Theodore White

Angel Park

In a world that allows bureaucracy, corruption, and self-serving agendas to stifle growth and equality, how can we rescue our collective future?  Angel Park, a literary mystery about the death of a school official, exposes the underbelly of the American Dream and reveals the deep beliefs we may have to uproot to make some changes that count.  Read the opening and see awards and reviews on our Angel Park page.


Buy Angel Park in trade paperback or Kindle format on Amazon. For the ePub version that suits most other e-readers, go to the publisher’s website at iUniverse

Angel Park at iUniverse

Exploding the Paradigm

People in education used to talk about a “paradigm shift” as a way of meeting the needs of new generations of students.  However, the world is moving forward so rapidly that tinkering with the current out-of-date paradigm will never be enough to help students, teachers, and the nation make the quantum leap that the future requires.  Now, it’s going to take an explosion of our current paradigm to move public education forward. 

New Schools for a New Century is the theme of our campaign poster, which you can find, including a close-up of the detail, on our
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page.  You will also find Best Sites and links to web pages where you can learn more about school change and get involved in creating the new paradigm.

Just as the printing press caused an explosion of information in the European Renaissance, the World Wide Web is fueling a Global Renaissance, igniting the next stage of human development. To meet the future, the entire construct of public education must change.   Our schools must become smarter, faster, lighter, more adaptable, more collaborative, more open-ended, more technologically integrated, and more connected to the global community. Such a transformation will require new roles for all of us, heralding a vast cultural change that promotes the value of each individual, and the importance of that individual to the well-being of the whole. In this new millennium, we cannot pretend to fix the old; we must, instead, boldly re-imagine the new...

Patricia Kokinos

Patricia Kokinos has been working for school change for her entire career as a teacher, school and district administrator, and parent.  With her wide range of experiences in K-12, county and state education agencies, Patti has seen the best and worst of our current system, on both sides of the country.   Her innovative first novel, Angel Park, is a fictionalized but true story of the deep inner life of schools--and what it’s going to take to change them.

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