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Read Patti’s blog, “Exploding the Paradigm”

Read Patti’s blog, “Exploding the Paradigm

Here are a few choice words from Patti’s articles and interviews:

“Whether school boards, nonprofits, or mayors run the system, it is still ‘the system,’ impervious to our efforts, deaf to our pleas for real change.”


“How can we complain about the superficiality of popular culture when we have created it by allowing a school culture of multiple-choice and yes/no answers?”


“Why not have charter districts, where the rules are lifted for two years while reorganization, downsizing of the administrative hierarchy, and reinvestment of resources into smaller, more personalized, and more collaborative environments for all kids and teachers takes place?”


“Those of us in education used to talk timidly of a ‘paradigm shift’ as a way of meeting the needs of a new generation of students ... Now it’s going to take a great explosion of our current paradigm ... to move public education forward.”

Patti Kokinos and Irwin Zucker

Patricia Kokinos celebrates the publication of the STAR edition of Angel Park with her good friend and long-time supporter Irwin Zucker, the king of Hollywood media experts.  All photos of author on this site by Lynn Campbell of Lynn Campbell Photography.

Here are short takes of Patricia Kokinos from selected video interviews.  Patti has been interviewed on radio all over the U.S. and Canada and on TV in Southern California.  She has also spoken for parent and educator groups on local and state levels.

A sampling of Patti’s favorite interviews:

Patti at at outdoor event

Patricia Kokinos (say ko-keen’-us)

Patti has appeared at numerous book fairs and educator events in Southern California, moderating panel discussions and speaking about Angel Park and school change.

Patricia Kokinos is based in Southern California. Please contact her directly for radio, TV, or web interviews via email:
Other comments and questions about her book, articles, or speaking engagements are also welcome at that address.

Selected background information to assist you...

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What producers and hosts are saying...

“Patti has successfully found a way to advance dialogue surrounding school reform through her fictional thriller Angel Park and her companion website ... Her interview transcends the issues ... because she truly believes in our children, our future, and the American Dream. Interesting and concise... Appeals to listeners.

--Jocelyne Rohrback, Asst. Program Director and Producer of “Crosstalk,” KCLU Radio, NPR

Patti has a delightful energy that will spearhead the societal change she seeks to accomplish.  Her vision, passion and experience will inform and inspire audiences to create positive change in their environment!

--Norma Thompson Hollis, Norma Hollis Companies, Inc.


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